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Megan Sewell

My art...
To contact me or to purchase any prints or origional works, email me at





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Proceeds go to SDAA, helping us fight for every animal we can


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Proceeds help us save the La Jolla seals


San Diego Animal Advocates
"Working toward a higher ethic and a better world for animals" I am an SDAA board member and an enthusiastic supporter. Please visit and see what we're all about


Founder and president

"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope." - MLK
"Moral philosophy [or art for that matter] is no substitute for political action.  Still, it can make a contribution.  Its currency is ideas, and though it is those who act - those who write letters, circulate petitions, demonstrate, lobby, disrupt a fox hunt, refuse to dissect an animal or use one in "practice surgery," or are active in other ways - though these are the persons who make a mark on a day-to-day basis, histrory shows that ideas do make a difference.  Certainly it is the ideas of those who have gone before... who have helped move the call for the recognition of animal rights... past the stage of ridicule to that of discussion.  It is hoped that... this.... will play some role in advancing this great movement, the animal rights movement, toward the third and final stage - the stage of adoption.  To borrow words used in a different context by the distinguished American photographer Ansel Adams, "We are on the threshold of a new revelation, a new awakening.  But what we have accomplished up to this time must be multiplied a thousandfold if the great battles are to be joined and won." - Tom Regan The Case for Animal Rights